Mid summer of 2018 the BIBIBOP marketing team launched an R&D initiative to help vet potential seasonal and permanent items. So far, Envision Kitchen has welcomed Seoul Fire Sauce, Korean Tacos and pickled Red Cabbage as test items. These items are targeted on our social pages as well as branded in store.


Seoul Fire Sauce

The Seoul Fire launch was also the initial launch for the Envision Kitchen Brand. Overnight two of our stores were outfitted with highly visible white window graphics that had enough space below to fit a solid vinyl banner. This particular item was paired with a matching vinyl that was applied directly to the sneeze shield closest to the sauce bottles. The Seoul Fire sauce is an incredibly hot but flavorful sauce that satisfies the demand of our guests who crave hot and spicy.


Korean Tacos

The Korean Tacos were my first experience styling tortillas in a manner other than a rolled burrito. I found that a clothing steam iron seems to really do the trick to prep the tacos for the rack and stuffing. This was a very fun and hands on photoshoot for myself and my two teammates. This piece received a window vinyl and a h-frame insert. The H-frame insert was the main piece in the store the listed the order and price structure.

taco Envision Kitchen Banners-01.jpg
korean taco bragger board-01.jpg

Pickled Red cabbage

Our Pickled Red Cabbage is a recipe test. More than half of our locations in our national system already serve a crisp raw cabbage, but we wanted to know what happens when you add a sweet and sour crunchy cabbage to your bowl. Magic is the answer. The intense color and the flavor are visually stimulating and excite the taste buds. This piece received a window vinyl and an H-frame stand insert.