Website and Product Photography


Getting back online.

The Anime Palace is an anime merchandise company based out of Ohio with another store located in Santa Clara, CA. The main bulk of business for the company is traveling to anime conventions all over the USA to sell their custom plush, popular licensed figurines and licensed character goods. Anime Palace recently decided to get back into the e-commerce game and I was fortunate enough to help them get there. 

I was thankful to be able to utilize the Columbus, OH warehouse as my shooting space for all of the product photography. I assembled all figures individually, posed them and shot the images on my Nikon D7200 with a 50mm lens. My set up was very simple, two lights and a mini-sweep utilizing a silver coated backdrop. The only images on the site that I did not shoot are the images on the regular Plush page and the Pre-order page. 

Shooting Nyanko Hatsune Miku.

Shooting Nyanko Hatsune Miku.

The intent of using a reflective paper was to help bounce light back up into the small details on the figures and the color itself was very attractive next to the color of the figures. This set up also worked very well for the plush characters, which are in a beautiful array of colors (I happen to own several myself, they are hard to resist!)

I also did all of the background set up including activating the various contributors, connecting the domain that was held by a different service provider, helping trouble shoot mailing issues, loading in the first round of inventory and customizing various forms and actions on the site.


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